How to Choose the Right Shoes for Kids

choosing the right kids shoes

Choosing the right shoes for your kids can help them as they’re growing by providing them with comfort. Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose your kid’s shoes:

Measure Their Feet

Before you go shoe shopping, you may want to consider measuring your kid’s feet so you know what to look for. Start by measuring the length and then the width. You can then know what size of the shoe to look for. Keep in mind that all shoes are made differently, and sizes can vary, so remember to have your child try on the shoe before purchasing them.

Ask What Purpose the Shoe Has

While shopping, consider what purpose the shoe is meant for. Athletic shoes, like tennis shoes or sneakers, can be worn while your child plays. Your child may wear formal shoes for special occasions. Don’t spend too much money on different styles, as they will likely grow out of them quickly.

Leave Room for Growth

If your child doesn’t have a formal event for a few months, purchase a pair of shoes that are a size or half size larger. You can leave room for growth as your child grows. If your child grows quickly, consider purchasing multiple of their favorite shoes in different sizes. You can anticipate that they’ll want to wear the same shoes and have them grow with them.

Pay Attention to Shoe Detail 

As your child ages, you can purchase more complex or expensive shoes. When children are younger, easier shoes like slip-ons or shoes with velcro straps may be more appropriate. You can check guides on childhood growth to see which shoe is best for your child’s age and speak with a podiatrist.

Check Shoe Flexibility

For everyday shoes, choose shoes that are flexible to allow for foot growth. Flexible shoes allow your child to move their feet naturally. Shoes that are too stiff or rigid can restrict foot movement and growth. A more flexible shoe can also provide comfort as your child goes about their daily activities.

Listen to Your Child

Involve your child in the shoe-buying process and listen to them when they have concerns. If your child doesn’t like the shoes in the store, they likely won’t wear them often. Watch your child put the shoe on and take it off to make sure they’re capable of doing so. Contact a podiatrist if you have any concerns about your kid’s comfort.

Consider Durability 

Kids can be rough on the shoes they wear, so you will need to consider durability. High-quality shoes may be a better choice for durability reasons as well as comfort. Children can grow quickly, so consider how frequently you’ll need to purchase a new pair of shoes when choosing a price point.

Speak To A Podiatrist

A podiatrist can help you choose the right shoe for your kids. If your child has specific foot conditions or concerns, podiatrists can help recommend the right shoes or shoes to avoid. Choose durable, comfortable shoes that your child can grow in. Contact us at Horizon Foot & Ankle Institute to learn more about your child’s growth patterns and appropriate footwear.